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Having a healthy and beautiful smile is the common wish of the patients of our dental clinic in Terrassa. One of the most common conditions that we as dentists face in our clinic is white spots on the teeth. At Estoclinic we want to talk to you about the main causes of the appearance of this type of spots, how to prevent them and ways to make them disappear.

Three reasons why white spots appear on your teeth.
The appearance of white spots on the teeth is very common. Every day we receive patients with this problem to solve it in our dental clinic in Terrassa. Next, we explain the main reasons why these annoying white spots appear on the teeth:

Lack of mineralization in tooth enamel
They can appear due to the lack of mineralization of the enamel (hypoplasia) during its formation, both in milk teeth and in permanent teeth. The tooth with white spots already appears with whitish spots if some nutritional deficiency has occurred during the process of eruption of the teeth.

Another main cause of the appearance of white spots on the teeth is the excess accumulation of fluoride in the enamel. It is a very common condition among patients who come from countries with little control over water fluoridation. Fluoride must be administered in the correct measure to avoid these conditions.

Enamel decalcification
Oral bacteria flourish with poor oral hygiene. Decalcification can be caused by caries in its initial process, this is another reason why we recommend professional dental cleanings.

How can we prevent white spots on teeth?
Once the reasons why white spots appear on the teeth are known, it is important to know how to prevent them.

Maintaining good dental hygiene is a key point to avoid the appearance of these stains. To do this, it is necessary to brush your teeth after each meal and go to the dentist 1 or 2 times a year to have your teeth cleaned. These visits to the dental clinic will also help your dentist to monitor the white spots on the teeth and put a solution at the first signs of appearance.

In order for tooth brushing to be more effective in preventing the erosion of tooth enamel, and consequently, the possible appearance of white spots on the teeth, we recommend using a toothpaste suitable for each age and avoiding brushing aggressively. your teeth. In this way, the excess or lack of fluoride in the enamel is avoided and the chances of suffering dental wear are reduced.

Finally, it is necessary to take care of the diet with a balanced and healthy diet, which allows maintaining adequate calcium levels and, therefore, helps to avoid decalcification of the teeth. Within this diet, we recommend that you include foods such as milk, cheese, almonds or hazelnuts, since they are all products high in calcium.

How to remove white spots from teeth?
The treatment indicated for this type of stain can only be done through professional treatment at the dentist. It is a type of stain that, although it is found in the superficial layer of the enamel in most cases, requires specific dental material to remove it, in addition to the necessary knowledge and experience.

In the event that the white spot is due to caries, it is urgent that you go to our dental clinic to stop the development of bacteria with microabrasion. This treatment involves removing layers of enamel in poor condition, and then replacing them with a composite of the shade of your own enamel.

If the white spot is due to hypoplasia or fluorosis, there are dental coverages such as veneers or crowns, or other treatments to study as a possible professional tooth whitening.

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