10 Great Ways To Find Inexpensive eBay Products

So, are you having trouble finding stocks cheap enough to sell for a good profit? Well, you've come to the right place.

Garage sales. Chances are, you've seen ads for these ads most of your life and ignored them. Start visiting as many people as possible. You won't find good things in everyone, but when you find one person with good things, propose to him for a lot, he will be so happy that you can get a real deal.

Markets. If there is a market in your area, go there and look for something good. You can buy it there if it's cheap enough, or try to befriend the vendors in the market and find out who their suppliers are.

Pawnshops. Pawnshops usually don't know what to do with the junk they accumulate (unless, of course, it's jewelry). Typically, they put their stocks on the shelves at random, hoping that someday someone with little money will accidentally drop in and look for and buy wildly little-known items. Have them offer you a discount on wholesales.

Real auctions. Go to a real auction, as chances are good that you will be able to resell items for more than they will sell them. After all, there are only a few hundred people in this room that you could sell several million to!

Local newspapers. Place an ad “I pay cash for [your product type]” in your local newspaper with your phone number. If you can afford it, do a big display ad to get noticed.

Billboards. Buy one of these little ads from the grocery store.

Friends. Ask your friends if they have anything they would like to sell you and ask them to tell their friends about it.

Became famous. Hand out business cards, mention to people what you do. Chances are good that you will meet someone who says, "Yes, really?" I have a bunch of [item], I don't want to.

The shops. It may be a little surprising, but some real shops even sell things for less than on eBay. Browse your local deep discounter and take special note of any store that accepts exchanges from customers. They will most likely suffer losses from the exchange as a promotion and are eager to get rid of those shares.

Finally: eBay! When you look at browsing ready-made items, you will notice the huge range of prices at which items can be sold on eBay. Try to grab the most expensive item and find it yourself, and then sort by the lowest price first: I can almost guarantee that you will see an auction selling the same item where it was sold for almost free. The trick is to find these erroneous auctions before they close, win them with a bid withdrawal service, and then turn around and resell the item.

However, after all these problems, when you do sell an item, you may find that the buyer will leave you with a feedback rating that you simply do not consider fair. The next letter will tell you what to do about it.

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