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The first TV show became reality at the 25th Thessaloniki International Fair (September 3, 1960). The studios were held in the Power Corporation of Greece (ΔΕΗ) pavilion, with Philips supplied and other locally improvised equipment.

A few years later, a small private station began to operate year round from another pavilion of the same Fair. This station operated until 1968 when the two new government channels started operating in Thessaloniki and called for the elimination of the "illegal" station.

The two government channels, television being a government monopoly, during this period were ERT and YENED (for military forces).

After the construction of the OTE (Hellenic Telecommunications Corporation) tower in the trade fair district of Thessaloniki, OTE launched a third state color television channel SECAM. The two initial state channels have requested the closure and elimination of the new OTE channel, fearing that the OTE will lead them to shut down, due to the superiority of the color image, the telecommunications network and the superiority OTE technique. They were successful and all the equipment, which OTE already had, moved on to YENED, which launched what has now become ERT3 (the third national channel, broadcasting from Thessaloniki).

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